yacht services
Although each project is unique, they will usually fall into one of the following areas:

Yacht Loan Structuring

The best time to set up credit and collateral standards is before the loan is made. Many times a yacht is taken as additional collateral for a commercial loan or as an accommodation for a high value client. In either case, the successful ability to foreclose and liquidate the collateral, if the need arises, can be seriously hampered by mistakes and oversights early in the process.

If your bank does not currently have credit and collateral standards for yacht lending, it is likely that there will be audit issues at some point in the future. Yacht Risk Management, LLC can develop draft procedures and standards for your credit and risk managers review.

Documentation and Insurance Review

Yacht Risk Management can review the current status of US Coast Guard Documentation and arrange to check current filed liens on the vessel. It is also important to review the insurance policy and ascertain if all conditions for coverage have been satisfied.

Portfolio sales preparation and evaluation

If you believe there is a chance that you will want to sell a portfolio of yacht loans, Yacht Risk Management can examine the portfolio with an objective, experienced and unbiased eye prior to the buyer's due diligence. This avoids surprises in the bidding process and allows management to develop a solid estimate of the eventual sales price.

If you are buying a yacht loan portfolio, Yacht Risk Management can be a valuable resource for your bid formulation and participate in the due diligence process. Yacht Risk Management will be working only in your interest.

Foreclosure, repossession and liquidation coordination

Projection of holding expenses, evaluation of required vessel repairs, examination of ship's logs, negotiation of dockage and service liens, coordination with maritime attorneys, insurance companies, documentation companies, surveyors and delivery captains are just a sample of the services Yacht Risk Management can provide.

Vendor selection and negotiation

Over the last 25 years, Dave Blancett has developed relationships with experts in the marine industry on a national scope. He can help you select competent and honest people and assist in negotiating their services and fees.